As a Visual learner  Video and Audio has always been a strong inspiration for me.



My inspiration





Artist Statement

Fashion is not just the clothes we wear.

 It's our identity. Everyone should be able to let their identity speak out and express itself. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I hope to be able to create clothing that feels comfortable, and allows everyone to show their true colors



Clothing Has NO Gender


Recent Works

Image by Matthew Humphrey
Fashion Designer Studio
Yellow shirt swatch
Blue accents

Senior Capsule collection

Collection: Structurally Sound focusing architecture and the use of line and geometry to create comfortable, unique outerwear and pants. This collection was made to be worn by anyone regardless of gender.

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Fabric Rolls
Image by Uwe Jelting

Upcycled Denim

Inspired by Osaka, Japan and the use of harajuku fashion. Through going to various thrift stores, This piece was made to upcycle old or unusable garments and make them into a garment to be loved again. This garment features a knit top, a denim jacket, and denim shorts.  

> Individual Works

Meet you doom


Digital Art is always something I enjoy. This piece is an example of something I would have printed on a garment. The subject matter I draw varies everywhere from physical drawing, watercolor, to digital, and Vector art

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About me

LATEST video

Born and raised in texas I have to admit I haven't been out of the state much. I hope to change that one day. Growing up I had a very hard time trying to figure out what I was good at.

I had a strong interest in working with computers, I was good at writing and drawing. None of those really developed into a passion. I started sewing when I was young. I entered competitions in high school and by my shocking surprise, won.


When it was time to finally enter college and pick a degree I had initially applied to a creative writing program. On the first day of orientation on a whim, I went with the Visual arts group and not the liberal arts. I never looked back and here is where my time and experience took me.



That's all for here, Feel free to look around!

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